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I'm trying the following:

scala> " in gral.  case".replaceAll("""(?imx) \bgral\.\b """, "(*)")
res14: java.lang.String = " in gral.  case"

The problem seems to be the second \b, because if I try with

scala> " in gral.  case".replaceAll("""(?imx) \bgral\. """, "(*)")
res16: java.lang.String = " in (*)  case"

it works

I think the problem is that "." is itself a word separator, so how can I indicate a word separator that is NOT the dot??


what I'm trying to accomplish is to remove several abbreviations that may or may not be sufixed with a dot, like this (they are street names)

"xxx av av. avenue" -> xxx
"yyy dr dr. doctor zzz" -> yyy zzz

so I was trying with something like

"xxx".replaceAll("""(?imx) \b(?:av\.|av|avenue|dr\.|dr|doctor)\b""", "")

but I get the following

scala> "xxx av av. avenue".replaceAll("""(?imx) \b(?:av\.|av|avenue|dr\.|dr|doctor)\b""", "")
res30: java.lang.String = "xxx  . "

scala> "yyy dr dr. doctor zzz".replaceAll("""(?imx) \b(?:av\.|av|avenue|dr\.|dr|doctor)\b""", "")
res31: java.lang.String = yyy  .  zzz
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I don't exactly know what you want to accomplish. The reason, why it doesn't work is that \b matches between [a-zA-Z0-9_] and [^a-zA-Z0-9_], but the position you are trying to match is between two characters of the latter group. Could you provide a few examples that should match and a few that should fail? –  Martin Büttner Nov 11 '12 at 14:36

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This one should work for you:

replaceAll("""(?im)(^\s*)?\b(?:av\.?|avenue|dr\.?|doctor)(?!\w)\s*""", "")

(see this demo)

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I found a way to do it

The problem is that in fact I want to recognize a separate word (wihtout consuming the separator) containing a character which itself is a word separator, like m.buettner correctly commented

If I just use \W (not a word char) as separator, consuming it, I would loose two adjacent words I'm trying to match, like this

scala> "dr. de. xxx av av. avenue av.".replaceAll("""(?imx) \W(?:av\.|av|avenue|dr\.|dr|doctor)\W""", "")
res3: java.lang.String = dr. de. xxxav.av.

In this case I match the first " av " (yes, with the space too) and the first " avenue ", and I can't match the fist "av." nor the last one.

So I need to match the separator, without consuming them.

For that, I used look ahead and lookbehinds, like this:

scala> "xxx av av. avenue".replaceAll("""(?imx) (?<=\W)(?:av\.|av|avenue|dr\.|dr|doctor)(?=\W)""", "")
res4: java.lang.String = xxx   avenue

scala> "yyy dr dr. doctor zzz".replaceAll("""(?imx) (?<=\W|^)(?:av\.|av|avenue|dr\.|dr|doctor)(?=\W|$)""", "")
res5: java.lang.String = yyy    zzz

and a more tricky example (that explains why I must match \W but also ^ and $)

scala> "dr. de. xxx av av. avenue av.".replaceAll("""(?imx) (?<=\W|^)(?:av\.|av|avenue|dr\.|dr|doctor)(?=\W|$)""", "")
res6: java.lang.String = " de. xxx    "

I'm no regular expression guru, so if anybody can think of a better way please let me know...

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