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I have to write a rails task for getting files from s3 bucket but my bucket have more than 1000 object.

#Connection codes and configures
bucket = AWS::S3::Bucket.find('my_bucket')
puts bucket.size
# => 1000

this code just give me 1000 objects :(
how can i get my all objects from s3 bucket ?

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As stated in the S3 developer documentation:

To manage large result sets, Amazon S3 uses pagination to split them into multiple responses. Each list keys response returns a page of up to 1,000 keys with an indicator indicating if the response is truncated. You send a series of list keys requests until you have received all the keys.

The response to a REST GET Bucket operation contains the IsTruncated element which plays the role of the above mentioned indicator.

To retrieve the next set of results, using the AWS::S3 library, use the last key from the current page of results as the marker in your next request.

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