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could you point me to a good place to start with Oracle stored procedures syntax/usage? I can't seem to find any good place there. I'm fairly proficient in (java, C/C++) programming and I do know enough SQL for my needs right now, but I've been suggested to use stored procedures to do my business, which is:

Take results from a query (2 columns) and insert them, row by row, in another table, along with an incrementing key whose value is taken from a third table. And of course this last value must be incremented once for every row.

I have the query to do the first part (extract data to be inserted) and the second part (insert data into table with incrementing key, then increment key on keygenerator table), all I need now is combine both so I can batch-insert the 6000 or so rows I have.

Thanks everyone.

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Oracle uses PL/SQL programming language for their stored procedures. Here is an info about PL/SQL in wiki

This is a good source too.

Oracles provides a lot of tools to make the programmer's life easier, but my advice is to start as simple as you can to get familiar with the language..

and... Stored Procedures in PL/SQL

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What you want looks pretty simple.This looks like a nice place to start.


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Pretty simple indeed, I'm just inches away from my goal. Thanks for the guide. –  Alessandro Aug 26 '09 at 8:55

As beginner, you can go through below link, it contains all basics related to procedure. link

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