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I am trying to see dotcloud actually work and I have not been able to get it to work. I cloned and pushed https://github.com/sebm/MongoPop.git I added a dotcloud.yml

api: type: nodejs mongo: type: mongodb

because it didn't seem to push without it and then I tried to visit the url and I got an Error Application not Responding. I should get something like http://2a6ad2ac.dotcloud.com/

I would like to use dotcloud but have never been able to actually see it work.

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Make sure that you add a dotcloud.yml and a supervisord.conf file.

The repo you are referring to had them, and for some reason removed them. see this commit.


Here is what they should look like


   type: nodejs
   type: mongodb


command = node app.js
directory = /home/dotcloud/current

Add those to your project, add and commit the files to the repo, and then re-push. If it doesn't work, please update your question with the log output from the command.

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The Application Not Responding error can sometimes be caused by dotCloud's health checks. Make sure you respond with a 404 or 200 status code to /CloudHealthCheck Otherwise, dotCloud removes your services from rotation assuming that something bad has happened.

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