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I have one simple DataSnap server and i having trouble consuming the Json data on .ajax function by JQuery.

This is my code:

        url: "http://localhost:53383/datasnap/rest/TServerMethods1/ReverseString/logo",
        headers: {"Accept": "application/json",
                  "Content-Type": "text/plain;charset=UTF-8",
                  "If-Modified-Since": "Mon, 1 Oct 1990 05:00:00 GMT",
                  "Pragma": "dssession="+pragma,
                  "Authorization": "Basic YWRtaW46MTIz"},
        success: function(data) {

The function works, but when i send headers for the DataSnap authentication ("Authorization": "Basic YWRtaW46MTIz") JQuery make two requets, one 401 (Not authorised) and other ok. How this happend? I make one only request.

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Try requesting Auth before actually sending a request:

beforeSend: function(req) {
    req.setRequestHeader("Authorization": "Basic YWRtaW46MTIz");

I'm not sure if this solves the problem, but it's worth a try.

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Thanks by answering question, but don't works. The same problem happens. :( –  GabrielBiga Nov 11 '12 at 18:26

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