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I have group of images arranged with Masonry. I want the images to be able to resize but I want them to stay in the same order. Basically, I want the entire grid to keep the same aspect ratio. I've tried the fluid Masonry layout option and it makes the images jump all over the place. If I set the container div to keep aspect ratio the images just jump below container on browser resize. Is there anyway to do this with CSS?

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what have you tried?? –  NullPoiиteя Nov 11 '12 at 17:49

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for maintain aspect ratio you can use from this jQuery function:

jQuery.fn.fitToParent = function()
        var width  = $(this).width();
        var height = $(this).height();
        var parentWidth  = $(this).parent().width();
        var parentHeight = $(this).parent().height();

        if(width/parentWidth < height/parentHeight)
            newWidth  = parentWidth;
            newHeight = newWidth/width*height;
            newHeight = parentHeight;
            newWidth  = newHeight/height*width;
        margin_top  = (parentHeight - newHeight) / 2;
        margin_left = (parentWidth  - newWidth ) / 2;

        $(this).css({'margin-top' :margin_top  + 'px',
                     'margin-left':margin_left + 'px',
                     'height'     :newHeight   + 'px',
                     'width'      :newWidth    + 'px'});
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