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I have following problem. I would like to use jsShell.dll (Link to dll and description) in my project. I use Win7 64 bit.

  1. I downloaded dll and put it in C:\Windows\system\jsshell (files jsShell.dll and khook.dll)
  2. I succesfully registered dll using c:\Windows\SysWOW64> regsvr32.exe c:\Windows\system\jsshell\jsShell.dll (it is not needed to register khook.dll)
  3. Then I tried to run test file jsshell\jsShell DLL\demo scripts\window.vbs which is part of jsShell.zip by:

    a) double click to window.vbs and getting following error:

    SCRIPT: C:\Users\joe\Downloads\jsshell\jsShell DLL\demoscripts\windows.vbs

    LINE: 6

    CHAR: 3

    ERROR: ActiveX component can't create object: 'jsShell.Ops'

    CODE: 800A01AD

    SOURCE: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

    This is the line with error: Set jsS = CreateObject("jsShell.Ops")

    b) loading in WEB-ED Editor (Link to WEB-EDD) and running script over via editor, which works perfectly.

Could somebody please explain me, where is the difference between (a) and (b)? And what have to be done in order to run my script using (a) variant?

Thx a lot

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You are running the 64-bit version of the VBS script executor when you click the VBS file. It can't find nor use 32-bit components. –  Hans Passant Nov 11 '12 at 19:30
thx for your post, some idea how I could fix this? –  Joe Key Nov 11 '12 at 20:10
Run it with c:\windows\syswow64\cscript.exe instead. –  Hans Passant Nov 11 '12 at 20:31
correct that was the problem, thx for helping me. –  Joe Key Nov 11 '12 at 20:43

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