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I have a bunch of foursquare ids and I want to be able to pull instagram media with those foursquare ids.

Currently I only see one way to do this and it requires two API calls. You must first do a call to the search API using foursquare_v2_id (example call). That will return the instagram ID. Then I must do a second call to the media API using the instagram id to retrieve media (example call).

Does anyone know how to achieve these results (getting media for a location based on just a foursquare_id) with only one api call?

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You can get this information through the foursquare API, with the venues/photos endpoint. See the documentation here.

This will return a list of photos for the venue, including their source. You can use this to either return all images for a venue, or just those from instagram.

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Instagram has more than just foursquare photos though. I want to pull instagram photos based on foursquare venue id because I will get more than whats just on foursquare and all i have is foursquare venue id. – Commander Nov 15 '12 at 0:53
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After contacting Instagram it is clear that there is no way to do this at this time. If that ever changes I will come back and re-answer this question with the proper solution.

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You should be able to query the /locations/search with the foursquare id to get the instagram id, then query /locations/location-id/media/recent- it is two requests though. – kontur Dec 21 '14 at 17:10

I think you have to user below api to get instagram images:

Using foursquare id and foursquare oaurh token you can get perticular venue images.

In response, you can check "source":{"name":"Instagram","url":""}. source name is Instagram means it is a instagram image.

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