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I am combining two arrays then encoding into JSON for output. I get a funky value in JSON output at the start of the second array. This is the "0": item. I can't figure out where this is coming from.

Combine the arrays and output json:

$combine = array_merge(array('array1'=>$bay_events, array('array2'=>$key_events)));
$finish = json_encode($combine);

$callback = $_GET['callback'];
echo $callback.$finish; 

JSON output:

    "array1": [
            "event_id": "3914",
            "event_name": "Test"
    "0": {  <--- this should not be here
        "array2": [
                "event_id": "3913",
                "event_name": "Testssdgs This Is how"

I cant figure out where "0": is coming from. Help?

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You are not using array_merge the proper way

The problem

  • You where trying to merge only one array
  • The second element in the only array refers to another array wich resulted in another index 0


$combine = array_merge(array('array1'=>$bay_events, array('array2'=>$key_events)))
                         ^      ^                    ^
                         |      |                    |       
      Only One array ----+  Fist Index           Second Index Another array

This is the proper way to use array_merge

$combine = array_merge(array('array1'=>$bay_events), array('array2'=>$key_events));

Or Just remove it totally

$combine = array('array1'=>$bay_events, 'array2'=>$key_events);
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It is because of this line

$combine = array_merge(array('array1'=>$bay_events, array('array2'=>$key_events)));

try like this

$combine = array_merge(array('array1'=>$bay_events, 'array2'=>$key_events));

just tested according to your data, here it is

$bay_events = array('event_id' => '3914', 'event_name' => 'Test'); 
$key_events = array('event_id' => '3913', 'event_name' => 'Testssdgs This Is how');
$combine = array_merge(array('array1'=>$bay_events, 'array2'=>$key_events));
echo json_encode($combine);die;

"array2":{"event_id":"3913","event_name":"Testssdgs This Is how"}
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You should not use array_merge with only one array; no need for that. See @Baba answer... – Glavić Nov 11 '12 at 19:39
@Glavić according to documentation, array_merge() Merges the elements of one or more arrays together, so it is also acceptable – dav Nov 11 '12 at 19:51
I did not wrote that this is invalid code or that is will not work, I just said it has no meaning... Only difference is, when running array_merge() on single array, the array will have reorganized numeric keys... – Glavić Nov 11 '12 at 21:54

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