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I am trying to follow the guide here:


I saw this paragraph:

This connectOutlet call does a few things for us:

It creates a new instance of App.PostsView, using the posts.handlebars template.
It sets the content property of postsController to a list of all of the available posts (App.Post.find()) and makes postsController the controller for the new App.PostsView.
It connects the new view to the outlet in application.handlebars.

I believe I still have do create those files manually, right? If yes, follow up question is, for the PostController, what should it look like?

btw, I am using the ember-rails and used the generator for the structure. thanks!

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If you're using ember-rails you can use rails g ember:view Posts to generate the PostsController, PostsView and posts.handlebars template all at once.

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thank you for your reply. On the PostsController, I still need to use ArrayController just to make the posts be listed. How about on the PostController? What should I use for me to use post.title and post.body? –  RodM Nov 12 '12 at 11:56
Your PostController can be an extension of Ember.ObjectController –  mehulkar Nov 13 '12 at 0:29

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