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I'm using OVH to host my website. Some people recently asked me to secure the whole CakePHP Website with SSL. Actually, OVH provides a SSL security using their absolute path : https://sslX.ovh.net/~login

So i moved the website in www/sitename directory, to reach it like this : [HTTPS HOST]/~login/sitename

My problem comes here : all my links are like this : [HTTPS HOST]/sitename/XX/YY

Instead of [HTTPS HOST]/~login/sitename/XX/YY

My question is the following : How can I change the webroot to create good links ?

Thanks much.

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Usually cakephp will work like this out of the box. Can you provide more information: server name, version? By the way are you using the HTML helper or are you hard coding the links? –  Everton Yoshitani Nov 14 '12 at 4:43
My CakePHP version is 1.3.3. I make links using $this->webroot + 'x'; But my webroot is wrong : it doesn't contain ~login/ in the string... –  Qnuietn Mroerit Nov 19 '12 at 11:05

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