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I will try to illustrate what I am trying to do :

I want my url's like :


Before "-university" is the name of university. All my segment(1) ends with university.

I have a class called University.In it; there is get_university() function.

In routes.php, I wrote:

$route['(:any)'] = "university/get_university";

Here is what my class looks like:

class University extends CI_Controller {

  function __construct() {

  function get_university($university_segment){

    $query = $this->university_model->get_from_university($university_segment);

    $row = $query->row();

    echo "Welcome to " . $row->university_name . "page";                


$university_segment is "/abc_university.

I want to take segment-1(abc_university) into get_university($university_segment) function as parameter and fetch information from database according to that university.

I tried even _remap() function but I couldn't. Thank you...

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function get_university(){
$query = $this->university_model->get_from_university($university_segment);

$row = $query->row();

echo "Welcome to " . $row->university_name . "page";                

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Yes, this is true. Also I become succesful using both _remap and uri routing like : function _remap($university_segment){ $this->get_university($university_segment); Thank you.. Both work. –  kalaba2003 Nov 11 '12 at 20:46

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