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I have set up a pretty simple RedisStore using connect-redis and redis packages. I have a dedicated box for my Session store and want to use the allkeys-lru maxmemory policy for eviction rather than a TTL.

It doesn't seem that connect-redis' store allows for setting no TTL (i tried using -1 in the options object when creating the store, looks like that sets a TTL of 0). Any suggestions on how to do this?

Also, does anyone see why this might be a bad practice?

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Looking at the relevant source code, it seems like connect-redis won't let you use it without expiring the key. It seems to me that you have two options:

  • Write your own session store, inheriting from connect-redis' RedisStore but overriding set, or
  • Specify a huge maxAge, in order to have keys expiring far in the future.

I don't see an issue with not expiring keys and using lru instead.

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thanks linus, I'm gonna go with inheriting the store and overriding the method – kocodude Nov 13 '12 at 6:13

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