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I'm trying to encode a WMA10 file, but need to set the VBR Quality.

private void Encode()
    MediaItem mediaItem;
    mediaItem = new MediaItem(this.fileNameToEncode);

    using (Job job = new Job())
        WmaAudioProfile wmaProfile = new WmaAudioProfile();
        wmaProfile.BitsPerSample = 24;
        wmaProfile.Channels = 2;
        wmaProfile.Codec = AudioCodec.WmaProfessional;
        wmaProfile.SamplesPerSecond = 44100;

        VariableQualityBitrate vbrQuality = new VariableQualityBitrate(98);
        wmaProfile.Bitrate = vbrQuality;

        //Now that I have my profile setup
        //how can I use it?

        job.OutputDirectory = @"D:\temp\";

I don't understand how to actually apply a AudioProfile to a Job.

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I was looking in the wrong place. The profile gets applied to the MediaItem instead.

mediaItem.OutputFormat.AudioProfile = wmaProfile;

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