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There are many questions like this question but I can not find exact answer. And I am unfamiliar Regular Expresion topic.

I wanted to know if $variable ends with "books".

For example :

$variable = "some-historical-books". 

So, I will display books page if it ends with books.

Thank you.

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Maybe you should look into a tutorial. What you are looking for is an anchor, that marks the end of the string.

if(preg_match('/books$/', $variable))
    // redirect to books page
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All you need to do is to add the word you need and a $ at the end of your regex

$pattern = "/books$/";

Just like if you want to find out if your value starts with a specific string, you can use ^ at the beginning :

$pattern = "/^Books/";
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You don't definiteley need regex here:

$variable = "some-historical-books";
$searchterm = "books";

$pos = strrpos($variable, $searchterm);

if ($pos !== false && strlen($searchterm) + $pos == strlen($variable))
    echo "yep, it's at the end";
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