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I'm just learning Websharper so I'm still quite confused.

On the Intellifactory samples webpage the code for the calculator sample seems to use Button as if Webshaper provides some GUI controls but the code installed on disk uses its own helper function to create a button like this:

let btn caption action =
  Input [Attr.Type "button"; Attr.Value caption; Attr.Style "width: 30px"]
  |>! OnClick (fun e _ -> action ())

as if Webshaper does not include basic GUI controls so you must do things like this to obtain them (which seems to defeat the purpose of using an abstraction like Websharper).

I want a slider with a callback that is invoked whenever its value changes. How can I get one using Websharper?

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you can use slider from JQueryUI:

override this.Body = 
    let text = Span []
    let slider = Slider.New(SliderConfiguration(min = 0, max = 10, value = 5))
    // typed way to subscribe doesn't work, internally tries to bind handler to 'sliderslide' event
    // per documentation (http://api.jqueryui.com/slider/#event-slide) should be 'slide'
    // slider.OnSlide(fun _ -> text.Text <- string slider.Value ) 
    JQuery.JQuery.Of(slider.Widget).Bind("slide", Func<_, _, _>(fun _ _ -> text.Text <- string slider.Value )).Ignore
    Div [
        Div [ slider ]
        Div [ text ]
    ] :> _
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There is also our library that attempts to add a little more typing to the JQuery UI code. You can obtain the latest from NuGet: nuget.org/packages/WebSharper.JQueryUi –  t0yv0 Nov 12 '12 at 14:24

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