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Anyone now what function can stop BJQS (Basic jQuery Slider) slider after e.g. click to a custom button? And of course how to make it running again after clicking custom start button

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I also run into the same problem. However, I found the settings.automatic = false; option to prevent the slide from automatic sliding. I then declare a variable stop : false in the default variable and check in the init function:

var init = function() {
    if ( settings.stop ) {
       settings.automatic = false;

So in my calling function, I simply called:

    animtype      : 'slide',
    height        : 357,
    width         : 631,
    responsive    : false,
    randomstart   : false,
    stop      : true
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if you have indeed got this to work then please can you revise your answer. there is no option called 'stop', so passing this to bjqs does not do anything, let alone stop the slideshow. –  verbumSapienti Feb 3 at 16:33
declared it in the default variable in the library and then check in the init function as my answer above –  Tepken Vannkorn Feb 4 at 0:49
so I declared stop: false in the defaults variable and then included the if statement in the init function. I then set stop: true on an event, but when fired the slideshow keeps playing regardless.. –  verbumSapienti Feb 4 at 10:27
I can confirm that this does indeed stop the slideshow, but only upon initial page load, which performs the same function as automatic: false, and does not relate to the question of firing on an event e.g. button click –  verbumSapienti Feb 4 at 10:44
yes, but so why don't we apply it to the click event of that button? –  Tepken Vannkorn Feb 5 at 0:15

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