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What are the graphical tool/s that is tailored for a cloud based solution infrastructure modeling? I mean something that you can visualize say your cloud infrastructure deployment in say aws. I can sure do that say in MS Visio or similar generic drawing tools but I am wondering if there any options that is tailored for cloud infrastructure modeling? Also, anything open source? If nothing, what is the closest thing that I can change to make it do so?

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There is a simple infrastructure vizualisation tool for AWS infrastructure called Nephorider. It is currently in Beta by invitation

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I believe that Juju has a visual interface for deploying and managing software services that run in a cloud infrastructure. Here's a blog post about it.

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Juju's mechanism is an interactive GUI for manipulating the structure - it doesn't quite let you "draw it out" with a visio-like interface, but it's probably the closest thing to that solution set at this point that's open source.

There's some commercial products that do something like this (CA purchased 3tera and their AppLogic platform - which operates much like this).

I'm not aware of any tools to generate AWS CloudFormation structures from a visual UI.

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