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When do I use a NSFetchedResultsController in comparsion to the objectsWithFetchRequest method in NSManagedObject? Are there typical scenarios?

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objectsWithFetchRequest: (or executeFetchRequest:error:) just executes a fetch request and returns the result set.

A NSFetchedResultsController executes a fetch request and then monitors changes to the data store (or more precisely, changes to the managed object context). If objects are added/deleted/modified that cause the result set of the fetch request to change, it calls delegate functions to report the change.

A NSFetchedResultsController is in most cases used to populate a table view with the result of a fetch request, and automatically update the table view if objects are inserted, deleted or changed.

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thanks for your answer. exactly what I was looking for.. –  netsplit Nov 12 '12 at 7:32

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