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I run Prestashop 1.5 which uses SMARTY. When Quantity discounts are shown, they do not show in logical order.

I would like to arrange them in this order:

first 1 unit then
2 units then
3 units then
4 units then
5 units

Instead of in the order i added them, which is the case now. Can anoyone help?


I have tried with |@array_reverse but it doens't seem to work...

{if $quantity_discounts}
{foreach from=$quantity_discounts item='quantity_discount' name='quantity_discounts'}



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In Classes/specificprice.php On line #293:

ORDER BY `id_product_attribute` DESC, `from_quantity` DESC, `id_specific_price_rule` ASC, `score` DESC


ORDER BY `id_product_attribute` DESC, `from_quantity` ASC, `id_specific_price_rule` ASC, `score` DESC
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You should copy the file and place it in the override/classes/ folder and make changes there – 3und80 Feb 15 '14 at 11:16

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