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Is there a way to show the total price for products with modifiers in dropdowns instead of how much extra they are?

For instance, in the shop I'm developing, a bouquet of flowers costs £30 for a regular size. You can also get a large for an additional £20, or a deluxe for an additional £40. I would like the dropdowns to say: Regular £30 Large £50 Deluxe £70

instead of

Regular £30 Large +20 Deluxe +40

But I want them to all appear in the same drop-down for the one product.

Thank you!

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I think you're looking for the {price_inc_mod} variable, inside the {modifier_options} loop.


Keep in mind that this only makes sense if your products have a single modifier. You can also use dynamic price variables to display the updated product price using javascript.

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Perfect. Thanks! Worked great. –  Alissa J. Robinson Nov 12 '12 at 14:19
Don't forget to 'accept' the answer if it helped :) –  Adrian Macneil Nov 12 '12 at 22:56

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