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I keep getting this error, but it clearly says the method is defined.

undefined method `customer_ID' for Order(id: string, order_date: string, customer_ID:      string):Class
Extracted source (around line #23):

20:     @orderlines= Orderline.find(:all)
22:         # copy each field into a variable for display
23:          @id= Order.customer_ID
24:     # @date= Order.order_date
25:     %>
26:     <h1>Showing all orders</h1>
RAILS_ROOT: /mounts/u-zon-d2/ugrad/jdpa227/rails1
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customer_ID is notdefined at the class level but at the instance level. – apneadiving Nov 11 '12 at 23:01

It seems that you have a customer_ID attribute on you active record model but you are missing a getter to access the instance variable from outside the class.

class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_reader :customer_ID


class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
  def customer_ID
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Do you have any attributes or methods that is named as customer_ID?

In ruby, alphabet case matters, so if you have a method or attribute named customer_id, it won't be found if you look for customer_ID.

By convention, method and attribute names are all lower case separated by _.

So try customer_id.

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