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for ii = 1:2:2*de.nP            
        G=[one, aux3(:,ii), aux3(:,ii) - aux2(:,ii),aux3(:,ii+1) - aux2(:,ii+1)];

        betasPu(:,(ii+1)/2) =G\yM;
        catch ME

I am using the code above to try and catch instances when the G used in G\yM; is badly conditioned/singular.

I have used the code above but right now the catch does not seem to be triggering despite several badly conditioned/singular matrices being produced.

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I think badly conditioned calculations doesn't cause errors, only warnings? afaik warnings aren't caught..

There are however some circumventions:

  • You can check lastwarn to detect a warning.
  • You can modify a warning to generate an error as explained here.
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