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I have this query with an sub query as clicks I want to do then where clicks > 0, but I get an error that this is not an recognized column.

SELECT top 10 *, (select count(*) FROM po_events aeclk WITH(NOLOCK) where (aeclk.[source] = ae.[source]) as clicks

FROM archived_events ae with(NOLOCK) 
where clicks > 0
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possible duplicate of Referring to a Column Alias in a WHERE Clause –  Pondlife Nov 12 '12 at 1:24

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While I agree with the comment that this is a possible duplicate, I'd also like to point out that correlated subqueries can be inefficient; killing two birds with one stone, you could do something like:

      , aeclk.clicks
FROM    archived_events ae
        JOIN ( SELECT   source
                      , COUNT(*) AS clicks
               FROM     po_events
               GROUP BY source
             ) aeclk ON aeclk.[source] = ae.[source]
WHERE   clicks > 0
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