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I'm trying to run the example code from rauth's repo on github https://github.com/litl/rauth/blob/master/examples/linkedin-updates.py to connect to the LinkedIn API but I keep getting HTTP 400 errors.

The specific line in question is linkedin.get_request_token().

The example uses HTTP GET but the LinkedIn documentation uses HTTP POST.

If anyone can help me use rauth or requests to connect to LinkedIn, that would be awesome

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Could you take a look at the revised example and see if that works for you? Here's a link for you. Please note that this will require updating rauth to 0.5.x and updating Requests to 1.1.0.

This example seems to be functional from here. Let me know if you run into any additional complications. Also always feel free to open issues on GitHub directly. We try to respond as quickly as we can.

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