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Hey Microsoft Licensing experts and Partner program experts

We have 50 Visual Studio Premium with MSDN grants to us due to 2 gold partnership for web dev and software development under partner program.

We are development service company doing software development projects and maintenance projects for clients in USA.

It may sound silly, and I am new to MS licensing. can I assign MSDN subscriptions to developers to use the VS and MSDN subscriptions ? They are only doing the dev and tests for software development projects bagged by company.

I found at some places in the google and Microsoft that IURs of gold partnership is for internal use only and they can not be used for revenue activities. But if we take it like this, then there is nothing from Microsoft for developers working in software service companies. Because only ISVs and product companies can have the partnership with MS. Please clarify

Have i not understood it right ? or it is true that there is nothing from MS (who loves developer ) for development company having 50 developers doing development projects for clients.

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