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Im pretty new to AppFabric and what Im trying to understand is how to stipulate that I want data to go into the Distributed cache as well as the Local Cache

I read the post here which is doing this based on config. I am not using any xml config but rather creating my objects with configuration programmatically. I am playing around with the following code:-

// Declare array for cache host(s).

List<DataCacheServerEndpoint> servers = new List<DataCacheServerEndpoint>();
servers.Add(new DataCacheServerEndpoint("SERVER1", 10023));
servers.Add(new DataCacheServerEndpoint("SERVER2", 10023));
servers.Add(new DataCacheServerEndpoint("SERVER3", 10023));

DataCacheLocalCacheProperties localCacheConfig;
TimeSpan localTimeout = new TimeSpan(0, 5, 0);

localCacheConfig = new DataCacheLocalCacheProperties(10000, localTimeout, DataCacheLocalCacheInvalidationPolicy.TimeoutBased);

// Setup the DataCacheFactory configuration.
DataCacheFactoryConfiguration factoryConfig = new DataCacheFactoryConfiguration();
factoryConfig.Servers = servers;
factoryConfig.SecurityProperties = new DataCacheSecurity(DataCacheSecurityMode.None, DataCacheProtectionLevel.None);

factoryConfig.LocalCacheProperties = localCacheConfig;

DataCacheFactory factory = DataCacheFactoryExtensions.Create(factoryConfig);
DataCache dataCache = factory.GetCache("MyCache");

dataCache.Put("myKey", "MyValue");

Am I right to assume that because I have added the local cache config to the factoryConfig object that my cached item will be automatically added to local cache as well as the distributed cache?

And therefore if I want items only cached to distributed cache do I just need to drop off adding the local cache config to the factoryConfig object?

Or do I need two separate factory config objects - one for each cache?

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You can see here that, yes, the object will be stored in the local cache, if the local cache is enabled:

When local cache is enabled, the cache client stores a reference to the object locally.

The instructions for "enabling the local cache" are exactly as you've done -- basically just using the DataCacheLocalCacheProperties (although the local cache can also be enabled using app.config settings instead).

So it's exactly as you say -- to use the distributed cache only, without the local, then use a DataCache object taken from a DataCacheFactory that does not use DataCacheLocalCacheProperties.

Note also that items in the local cache can be evicted depending on the policies configured:

The lifetime of an object in the local cache is dependent on several factors, such as the maximum number of objects in the local cache and the invalidation policy.

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