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Im having trouble assigning to struct pointer in another struct pointer

The structs looks like this:


typedef struct {
    int drawnlines;
    char *name;
} player;

typedef struct {
    char a, b;
    p *mover;
    p *previous;
} lastmove;

In another function Im calling another function that is supposed to change a pointer to this struct, this is also the function that gives me an warning:


#include header.h
lastmove lmv;
lmv.mover=malloc(sizeof(player *));
lmv.previous=malloc(sizeof(player *));
player p;
strcpy(, "patrik");
function(&lmv, &p);

function(lastmove *lmv, player *p)
    lmv->mover=p;        // warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type

What is wrong in my code?

UPDATE: Now the code works, was a simple mistake. The struct "lastmove" is now changed to

typedef struct {
    char a, b;
    player *mover;
    player *previous;
} lastmove;
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Do you want to use a cast like lmv->mover = (p *)p;,or you just mean p is 'player'? – prehistoricpenguin Nov 12 '12 at 2:15
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Well, in your code, mover is a pointer to type p, which isn't defined anywhere - do you mean this?

typedef struct {
    char a, b;
    player *mover;
    player *previous;
} lastmove;

Also, I think there's an issue with your allocation. You're allocating enough space for a player*, which is a pointer to a player, when what you need is enough space for a player.

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