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I am using Jackson 1.9.2 and I am trying to deserialize an object that I serialized using the same Jackson libraries. The object has list of type say List and deserializing this serialized string back to object results in List

I tried following the steps listed in related post - Jackson is not deserialising a generic list that it has serialised but did not work for me.

I tried using both Typefactory and TypeReference in these ways:


TypeFactory tf = TypeFactory.defaultInstance();

JavaType tr = tf.constructType(new TypeReference <RequestBeanType> () { });

mapper.readValue(json, tr);


mapper.readValue(json, new TypeReference <RequestBeanType> () {});


TypeFactory tf = TypeFactory.defaultInstance();
tf.type(RequestBeanType.class, Comparable.class)); 

In all three cases, I don't get back the list that I serialized using JSON. The deserialization always defaults list to

List<LinkedHashMap<RequestBeanType> when it should actually be List<RequestBeanType> 

Any way around this?

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