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I have written a makefile. This makefile is to be checked into SVN. I used environment variables for my project directory path so that different computers can run the makefile without having to make changes to it.

for example: PRJ_ROOT_DIR := $(REF_DIR)/projectName/trunk/Temp where environment variable REF_DIR is C:/Users/myName/Desktop.

However, by just building the project, makefile automatically changed to: PRJ_ROOT_DIR := C:/Users/myName/Desktop/projectName/trunk/Temp

This shows up in SVN that makefile has been modified.

How do I do it so that makefile remains as PRJ_ROOT_DIR := $(REF_DIR)/projectName/trunk/Temp? Where changes is done in the background and not showed up on the built makefile so that SVN will not detect the change?

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Does the makefile have a rule for modifying itself? And what does Eclipse have to do with this? –  Beta Nov 12 '12 at 3:52

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I found the answer; the makefile is auto-generated. Hence, modifying the generated makefile does not help.

I tagged eclipse because compilation is done in eclipse environment. I thought that there may be some settings that I may need to change when in that environment.

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