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I have complete my form to use around the office, however, when opened on different computers the form doesnt resize.Instead, the scroll bar appears. How can i make the form and controls automatically resize ?

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A few notes:

  • Have a look at how to anchor controls to the form so they can resize with the form.

  • Design your forms so they display properly on the smallest screensize that your users have.
    It's important that you think about how your users will interact with your application. You cannot expect Access to magically reflow and resize everything, it's something you, as the designer of the application, need to think about.
    So limit the number of controls on your form, and keep them small enough that they display correctly on whatever is the smallest reasonable screen resolution in your office.

  • If you do not want bars to appear, look at the form's scrollbars properties.

  • Look into the various form styles you can use: in Access 2007 and above, you can use forms in tabs. You can also make them popup, and prevent them from being resized.
    Look into the following form properties and play around the various combinations to get the desired effect:

    Form's main properties Form's popup and modal properties

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