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Is this a valid good practice? (assume that ARENAPLAYER is a struct)

ARENAPLAYER* CArena::GetPlayer( u_long idPlayer )
    map<u_long, ARENAPLAYER>::iterator it = m_mArenaMap.find( idPlayer );
    if( it != m_mArenaMap.end() )
        return &it->second;
    return NULL;

If it is, will the pointer point directly to the object inside the map? Any changes made by the pointer will change the object in the map?

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You can get pointers to the objects inside the std::map<u_long, AREANPLAYER> like this. The objects inside a map stay put as long as the map lives and the object isn't erased from the map.

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There is absolutely no reason to do this. operator[] returns a reference to the value stored, allowing you to change values without mucking around with pointers.

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