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i want to ask about the UI of the vaadin, which is Table. If i used this component, then i have to create a field using this command :

userTable.addContainerProperty("Status", String.class, "Active");

if i want to create link into this field, then i have to do like this :

userTable.addContainerProperty("Action", Link.class, new Link("Remove", new ExternalResource("#")));

my question is, the example above, only display single link in 1 field which is REMOVE Link. i want to create 2 links in 1 field of that table. for example link for EDIT and DELETE below the "Action" field, how can i do that?


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Use a generated column to add the components to each row. Create an Horizontal Layout and two Buttons as the content.

class ValueColumnGenerator implements Table.ColumnGenerator {
String format; /* Format string for the Double values. */

 * Creates double value column formatter with the given
 * format string.
public ValueColumnGenerator(String format) {
    this.format = format;

 * Generates the cell containing the Double value.
 * The column is irrelevant in this use case.
public Component generateCell(Table source, Object itemId,
                              Object columnId) {
    // Get the object stored in the cell as a property
    Property prop =
    if (prop.getType().equals(Double.class)) {
        HorizontalLayout hbox = new HorizontalLayout()
        hbox.addComponent(new Button("Status"))
        hbox.addComponent(new Button("Remove"))
        return hbox;
    return null;

See Section 5.14.5 of the Book of Vaadin for more info:

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you may find this link useful when implementing a custom cell with buttons: – membersound Aug 2 '13 at 8:45

You can add this buttons to HorizontalLayout or any other container component. Then add this layout to the container property in your table.

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