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I have a sinatra app, where I want to make a download feature. This download take data from table and make excel to download for user.

require 'csv'
get '/download' do 
     data = [{:name => "john", :age => 12, :state => 'ca'}, {:name => "tony", :age => 22, :state => 'va'}]

     # I want to download this data as excel file and the content of file should be as follows:
     # name,age,state
     # john,12,ca
     # tony,22,va
     # I don't want to save data as a temp file on the server and then throw to user for download 
     # rather I want to stream data for download on the browser. So I used this, 
     # but it is not working

     send_data (data, :type => 'application/csv', :disposition => 'attachment')

What am I doing wrong? Or how to achieve, what I am trying to do? I was trying to follow http://sinatra.rubyforge.org/api/classes/Sinatra/Streaming.html

UPDATE: I am not married to send_data method of sinatra. If streaming blocks my server for that duration, then I am open to alternatives.

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Note that streaming blocks your server for that duration. A Tempfile doesn't have this restriction, as nginx or whatever you use should handle that. –  Reactormonk Nov 12 '12 at 4:29
@Tass Ok. So you suggest, I should make a temp file and send user to download it? If so, then I would need to remove that temp file as well. Or other way send_file of apache/nginx can handle it. But please assume, I don't want to use send_file of apache/nginx . so what are the alternatives? –  JVK Nov 12 '12 at 4:40

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get '/download' do 
    data = [{:name => "john", :age => 12, :state => 'ca'}, {:name => "tony", :age => 22, :state => 'va'}]

    content_type 'application/csv'
    attachment "myfilename.csv"
    data.each{|k, v|
       p v

This works for me. I know it is incomplete as I have to put header and comma in the excel file with line break. But this works.

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