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I'm writing an eclipse plugin, and I want to get all the types that are available in my workspace,
like when pressing Ctrl+Shift+T,
but in a list or array.

How can I do it?

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The relevant code is referenced from the org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.dialogs.FilteredTypesSelectionDialog (which the OpenTypeSelectionDialog triggered by ctrl-shift-T inherits from).

If you inspect the fillContentProvider() method you'll see it the, which is passed a TypeSearchRequestor and TypeItemsFilter to match the required types.

If you look at the Javadoc for SearchEngine.searchAllTypeNames() and/or debug its execution, you should have a pretty clear idea how to obtain the workspace types into a requestor, and process them accordingly.

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I was searching the same thing;) PluginSpy helps :) +1 – VonC Aug 26 '09 at 11:23

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