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The dialog pop-up is located here.

How the AutoComplete results stop at the end of the pop-up view is here.

I want the results to drop down past the dialog's view to the parent view. If I can't do that then I want to limit the number of results the AutoComplete gives me to two.

This is in my on click listener for the popup menu.


/**Capture the AutoCompleteTextView widget*/
final AutoCompleteTextView autoCompleteTV 
  = (AutoCompleteTextView) addDialog.findViewById(R.id.productEnteredShop);
/**Fills the autocomplete with possibilities*/
String[] acArray = getResources().getStringArray(R.array.completeFoodsList);
/**Create a new ArrayAdapter and bind shoppinglistitem.xml to each list item*/
ArrayAdapter<String> autoCompleteAdapter 
  = new ArrayAdapter<String>(ShoppingList.this, R.layout.shoppinglistitem, acArray);
/**Associate the adapter with textView*/
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Even You Should Apply this method to LIMIT the Height of DropDown For AutoCompleteTextView Widget in xml apply this change


OR in through Coding


hope this help.

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For the limiting number of items part: you can override getCount() of ArrayAdapter:

public int getCount() {
   return Math.min(2,super.getCount());

This works for filtering also.

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I should've been more clear. I'm not looking to limit the total results show to 2. I'm looking to limit the maximum amount of results shown at a time to two with scrolling of the rest. –  Mitch D Nov 13 '12 at 3:59

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