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The JAX-RS web service I'm calling is throwing xml content as text/html content type. On my side, I need to read the xml, and convert it to Java object.

The problem is: the response xml isn't formatted right and has newline characters in wrong places, such as - there are several newline characters before <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> . This is causing problems trying to unmarshall it.

Is there a way I can unmarshall the response xml string though it has formatting problems?

Thanks in advance.

HttpGet httpGet = new HttpGet(uri);
HttpResponse response = client.execute(httpGet);

InputStream inputStream = response.getEntity().getContent();

JAXBContext context = JAXBContext.newInstance(MyClass.class);
MyClass myObj = (MyClass) context.createUnmarshaller().unmarshal(inputStream);
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Could you show your code relating to this matter? –  imwill Nov 12 '12 at 5:35
@imwill: added. –  James Nov 12 '12 at 7:01
Are there also formatting problems inside? or just before <?xml..? –  imwill Nov 12 '12 at 8:04

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How about trimming the content before unmarshalling:

import org.apache.commons.io.IOUtils; 
import org.apache.commons.lang.CharEncoding;

MyClass myObj = MyClass.class.cast(
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Finally got the provider to send the response in xml/application format. However, as a way out, an option that I found is to save the content as a file, and then again retrieve content from the file.

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