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So, here's the problem...

I have to:

  1. Grab a page of html via a REST API with a AJAX call,
  2. Extract a table with a known id from that html (which, thankfully, is well-formed)
  3. Extract the associated css for the table from a style block,
  4. Append the table to a div on my page, and
  5. Re-apply the original CSS

Therefore the parts of the page that I'm interested in are:

 #tableid td.someclass {
 #tableid td.anotherclass {
 [etc etc ..]


<table id="tableid">

So, going through the list above 1,2 & 4 are no problem at all. It's 3 and 5 that are taxing the brain - there are no external stylesheets to worry about BTW, everything is in the page that I'm grabbing inside a single tag.

I guess I could extract the entire element and then append it to my page - but that is messy and could result in unwanted side-effects. What I'd like to do is just extract the styling that applies to #tableid and then apply them the table appended to my div.

Is there an elegant way to do that?

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You could pull the styles from the header using a standard jQuery finder:

var styles = $('head style').text();

Then run a regular expression against it:

var tableID     = 'tableid',
    pattern     = new RegExp('#'+ tableID + '[^}]+}', 'g'),
    tableStyles = styles.match(pattern);

This should give you an array of styles for your table’s id. Now you can append these styles to your current document’s head:

$('<style/>', { text: tableStyles.join('\n') }).appendTo('head');

Your use case might require some fine–tuning, but this should approximately give you what you’re after.

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I'll give that a try. – Eric T Nov 13 '12 at 3:09

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