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Help! I am trying to automate autocorrect entries that are in rich text format stored in access db. It works fine if I use autocorrect.entries.Add but fails with autocorrect.entries.AddRichText. Look at the code below. I would appreciate your help!

procedure TfrmdxForm.acBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
DXRANGE, DXWORD: oleVariant;

DXWORD := CreateOleObject('Word.Application');
DXWORD.Visible := FALSE;
while NOT MyADODataSet.Eof do
DXRANGE:= MyADODataSet.FieldByName('DX').Text; 
// here is where it fails … I don't know how to change this to a range
DXSTR := MyADODataSet.FieldByName('DXCODE').Text;
DXWORD.Autocorrect.Entries.AddRichText(DXSTR, DXRANGE);
// here it works if I use Add but it fails with AddRichText

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Did you read carefully the documentation on MSDN regarding Add and AddRichText?

Add has two Parameters

  1. Name - the Name of these entry
  2. Value - the autoreplacement text

AddRichText has also two Parameters

  1. Name - same as above
  2. Range - A Selection Range inside the document with the desired replacement text

So you have to place the desired text inside the document, then select it (or try to get it in a range e.g. Paragraph) and after that you can use the AddRichText method

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Thanks! Got it to work. – user1817376 Nov 15 '12 at 2:16

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