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I'm trying to make a detailed blueprint for a Twitter app I'm designing: both my first native app & my first time playing with Twitter's API. I'm curious as to what information is available to all apps when the user has authenticated with the device itself but hasn't granted my app read & write access yet. Do iOS & Android give up the user's ID before asking them to authenticate? And what's the deal with iOS 4 support - will there have to be a fallback that has a username:password form? And since I've never used an Android device for more than 5 minutes: is Twitter support similar on there?

Additionally, has anyone seen a great re-imagining of the sign-in process? Now that we have Twitter support built into devices, shouldn't there be a handful of neat sign-in layouts? The ugly text fields are gone, allowing user focus & energy to shift to the entire screen; that should make way for stylish animations... no?

As always, TIA!

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