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I am not quite familiar with Z3, but have to use it to do some project.

I am using the Z3 racket binding, it has the textual interface like SMT-LIB v2, able to eliminate universal quantifiers, but it does not yet support declare-sort, while my model needs some kind of customized type definition ( I can't think of how to only use Int in my model yet..)

In this case, if I want to use the binding, how can I work around to get the feature of declare-sort in my model? Is there something similar in Z3?

or what's the usual tips to work on some type that not supported in Z3?

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I believe your best bet to get an answer is to mail Siddharth Agarwal directly.

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Asked. and he suggested to use declare-datatypes. – monica Nov 12 '12 at 18:39

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