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I've clone a Textmate source code, and build it. When I read some code of Textmate, I found that it's not using a typical Xcode project. So, why is that? The cocoa framework of Apple seems not convenient for developing-not-using-Xcode.

I wonder is there some good work flow for develop cocoa apps on OS X?

Or they did it just want to let us know they're cool?

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Odgaard blogged about this in two parts:



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Hi, I'm not saying which build system textmate use, I want to know the develop tools they're using or their workflow. –  Loki Nov 12 '12 at 10:28
@Loki: On OS X, make defaults to cc, which was GCC back when those posts were written and is now Clang. If TextMate does anything differently, it's specified in the Makefile(s). –  Peter Hosey Nov 14 '12 at 0:03

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