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I need to remove or replace an unwanted haracter (%) wich is in the end of a string and thyen to cast the string to a decimal, because I need to get the sum of 2 fields named discount1 and discount2

The last combination I tried is:

replace ((p16.pa_value,'%','')CAST (p16.pa_value AS DECIMAL (3,0))) as discount2,

It seems to be super wrong as the CAST is inside of the replace statement

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try this:

CAST (replace (p16.pa_value,'%','') AS DECIMAL (3,0)) as discount2
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It worked! Thanks a lot!!! :) – Slim Nov 12 '12 at 8:26

Ok i don't know why do you have three after decimal: DECIMAL (3,0) because if you convert to decimal it should be: decimal (10; how many zeros after ,) -

Try this:

(cast(replace(p16.pa_value, '%','')  as decimal (10,2))) as discount
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