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I am trying to split my Radio Button list into "n" number of columns based on number of Rows. This is what I was trying, here programs is my list which currently has 17 Radio Buttons. I am trying to divide (17/2) rows and 2 columns currently.

 <c:set var="numRows" value="${fn:length(programs)/2-0.5}" />
    <c:set var="totalRows" value="${fn:length(programs)}" />
      <c:forEach begin="0" end="${numRows }" varStatus="i">
      <c:out  value="i=${i.index} " /> 
      <c:set var="rowStart" value="${i.index * numColumns}" />
      <fmt:formatNumber var="numColumns" value="${fn:length(programs) / numRows}"
         maxFractionDigits="0" />
      <c:forEach begin="0" end="${numColumns - 1}" varStatus="j" >
         <c:set var="index" value="${rowStart + j.index}"/>
         <c:out  value="j=${j.index} " /> 
                 <c:when test="${index lt fn:length(programs)}">
                      <c:forEach var="prgip" items="${programs}"> 
              <c:forEach begin="0" end="${totalRows }" varStatus="k"  var="prgip"             items="${programs}">
                      <input type="radio" value="${prgip.program_id}" name="program">  ${prgip.program_name} 
                       <c:out  value="k=${k.count} " /> 

Thanks in Advance -Mim Jones.

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I would think numRows ought to be an Integer value. Why are you subtracting 0.5 from it? – Jeff Feb 8 '13 at 20:07

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