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I have the following code:

oTable.fnSort([[columnIndex, 'asc']]);

Can someone explain to me what the ([[]]) means. I have never seen brackets inside of brackets before.

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It's just an array with another array as its first element. – Ja͢ck Nov 12 '12 at 9:01
Presumably the parameter is in this format to support sorting on multiple columns, e.g. oTable.fnSort([[columnIndex1, 'asc'], [columnIndex2, 'desc']]) – James Gaunt Nov 12 '12 at 9:06
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Square brackets are notation for a JavaScript array. This code means that the argument to the function is an array that contains one element, which is an array itself.

An array with two elements:

[columnIndex, 'asc']

An array with one element, which is an array that contains two elements:

[[columnIndex, 'asc']]
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You're passing an array to the fnSort method. That array contains one element, which happens to be another array, with two elements:

[] // An empty array
[[]] // An array with one element (an empty array)
[[columnIndex, "asc"]] // An array with one element (an array with 2 elements)

This is known as array literal syntax, which is generally preferred to the alternative (the Array constructor).

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