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I am doing a bit add-in development for outlook 2010 and I'm trying to get the ContactItems associated to an email (MailItem). I think the MailItem.Links collection should return what I want, but it's empty. Maybe I'm on the wrong path, but I'm out of ideas at the moment.

I have an Outlook.MailItem and I like to get the associated Outlook.ContactItem. When you open a mail with outlook and hover over the mail-adresses a contact-popup appears, so the link must be somewhere in the MailItem, but I don't know where.

For example, I tried using the MailItem.Links collection which says in tooltip that it represents the contacts to which the item is linked.

Explorer explorer = application.ActiveWindow() as Explorer;
MailItem mail = explorer.Selection as MailItem;

foreach (Link l in mail.Links)
    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("Link: " + l.Name);

The MailItem so far is correct, I can do whatever I want with it but the MailItem.Links collection is empty.

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Can you post the code? –  Ren Nov 12 '12 at 9:30

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You should try using the MailItem.Recipients collection which contains the addresses where the message will or has been be sent to (i.e. To, CC, BCC). You will have to check the Recipient.AddressEntry to see if the address exists in the Contacts Address Book (CAB) via GetContact, otherwise you will have to resolve it using ExchangeUser via GetExchangeUser.

The AddressEntry.AddressEntryUserType will tell you what type of recipient is included in the message - Exchange User or List, CAB, or basic SMTP address.

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Exchange is not an Option, because not every contact in outlook has to be in an exchange. I got a diffrent solution by now which works fine and fast. Besides that, i really don't like my question and tags to be edited. –  Burning86 Nov 12 '12 at 14:45

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