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I am using this twitter bootstrap style datepicker from Stefan Petre

However, I don' t know how to set the format of the datepicker to french, apart from changing it directly from the sources, is there a better way to do it ?

Thanks all

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I've been using a modified version of Stefan Petre's datepicker, and at the bottom of the docs there it says to include your locale file after you included the main datpicker file.

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Hi John, I haven' t got the same link, the one that you provided completed the doc with localizations, thanks alot –  dtjmsy Nov 12 '12 at 18:29

dtjmsy, you can use this as well:

   language: "pt-BR"

And here a link with a good sandbox where you can try some configurations: http://eternicode.github.io/bootstrap-datepicker/?#sandbox

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Just add bootstrap-datepicker/js/locales/bootstrap-datepicker.fr.js in your code. and

$('.datepicker').datepicker({ language: "fr-FR" });

That's it

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