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I am trying to make my team-city build configuration to trigger a build upon any new tag in any branch of my mercurial repository. I added a build triggering as follows:


My problem is that team-city detects changes in the .hgtags only for the current tip branch. If someone pushes a new tag to another branch, team-city doesn't seem to detect this change in .hgtags (because it was not changes in the current tag) and doesn't trigger a new build.

How can I overcome this issue? Thanks

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From TeamCity Mercurial page

Starting with TeamCity 7.1 you can configure the branches you want to monitor in a build configurations right in the VCS root:

Branch Specification In this area list all the branches you want to be monitored for changes. The syntax is similar to checkout rules: +|-:branch_name ... (with optional * placeholder). Note that only one asterisk is allowed, and each rule has to start with a new line.

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Thanks. Besides the fact that my company currently uses TC 7.0.3, I don't want to limit my build to specific branches, but rather make it look on a certain file across all branches. –  amitfr Nov 12 '12 at 11:12
@amitfr - +:* will be "all branches" –  Lazy Badger Nov 17 '12 at 7:57

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