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The problem is as follows: - I've got users defined on server A (domain controller), - I've got SharePoint Farm installation on server B (fresh install)

After installation i have started the Profile Synchronization process, so i've got all the required users in sync. After i created a site i've assigned USER1 as its administrator / owner.

As i understand the USER1 user should have access to: - site settings / permissions - site content

Unfortunately i stuck with the situation where user can login on his my-domain\USER1 account, and he can access MOST of the pages. The rest:

  • example.net/ (http://example.net/default.aspx IS accessible)
  • example.net/test/ (http://example.net/test/SitePages/Home.aspx IS accessible)
  • example.net/test/SitePages/

causes re-authentication.

It is really easy to solve by adding users / group defined in PDC to local WSS_WPG group, but i don;t think this is the solution.

I will really appreciate your help !

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The problem was in AD configuration.

Domain Users must have Bypass Traverse Checking enabled to avoid that issue.

For more information you can check following links:

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