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I'm working on my first Moodle system and have got most things working the way I want but I'm stuck on one thing for which I can't seem to find the answer by googling around.

When I send out a message to participants on a course, the from address of the email is noreply@localhost. I want to change this address to something else but can't figure out where I need to do this. Does anyone know how I can change this?

Thanks in advance Ziad

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Log in as a system administrator and go to [your moodle root]/admin/settings.php?section=mail and then update the "No reply address" - I think that's all you need!

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Thanks for your quick reply. I tried your suggestion but I get a section error. I don't seem to have the mail section open to me. I am logged in as the main admin. Does the mail section need to be enabled separately somehow before you can access it? – Ziad Nov 12 '12 at 12:29
No, That shouldn't be necessary. There may be other settings that control whether e-mails are globally enabled, but those wouldn't stop you seeing the mail settings. Can you check that you are logged in as a root administrator rather than one of the Moodle Management roles? Make sure that you can see 'Site administration' and go to Users/Permissions/Site Administrators to check that you are on the list. – Guambra feo Nov 12 '12 at 13:03
Ah I found it, the section is 'messagesettingemail', not 'mail'. Thanks for your help. – Ziad Nov 12 '12 at 13:22
Just to make it clear, the URL for email settings is: [your moodle root]/admin/settings.php?section=messagesettingemail – Ziad Nov 12 '12 at 13:23

In case the from or the noreplyaddress has to be changed on the fly (while still leaving the default settings in tact), the following can be done:

1) in the $from (which happens to be an stdClass() object), the value of $from->maildisplay can be set to the desired address 2) while calling the email_to_user(), the 8th parameter should be set to true.

As a result, the email_to_user() will take care to display the value set in step 1 above in the sent mail.

FYI - The email_to_user() function is available at [your-moodle-root]/lib/moodlelib.php

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